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Sandcastles Vol. 1: The Early Years

In my youth, I was a pioneer of “extreme sandcastling”, a sport which was almost included in the Olympics! Just kidding. Here is the first set of ancient box camera photos from my sandcastle archives. These sandy structures were all made in our sandbox in Hinsdale, IL.

AWM Sandcastle Archives Label

Yale Arch Cartoons, Vol. 1

I’ve always been artistically oriented, and cartooning has always been a favorite pastime as well as a creative outlet. During my enlightening yet stressful years at Yale, I often poked fun at the institution, our professors, and architecture, my calling.

My Ferrocement Story

Recently, I’ve been speaking with some of my architecture friends about the prefabricated Ferrocement building system I invented (the am‑cor System), and they’ve said, “Remind me Angus, what exactly is Ferrocement?”

I’ve been breathing all things Ferrocement for years now, and it’s easy to forget that Ferrocement is definitely not mainstream (yet!).

This blog entry will serve as a quick introduction to Ferrocement and my experiences with it.