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Sandcastles Vol. 1: The Early Years

In my youth, I was a pioneer of “extreme sandcastling”, a sport which was almost included in the Olympics! Just kidding. Here is the first set of ancient box camera photos from my sandcastle archives. These sandy structures were all made in our sandbox in Hinsdale, IL.

AWM Sandcastle Archives Label

Hometown Art

When I returned from Jamaica in the 1970’s, I moved to the family farm (where I still live). The nearby town straddling the Rapidan River is Rapidan, VA. It’s a quaint, tiny milltown which used to grind flour with a water wheel, and even has its own Wikipedia page! The old mill is being turned into an alternate energy electric generation station, which is pretty cool.

I used to make my own beer & wine

Just like ancient monks…

ex libris’ Bookplates

While going through my sketchbook archives, I found these cool bookplates I designed for a young David Pinto. I made two versions, and I’m pretty happy how they turned out.