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Building Communities with Ferrocement

Initially, I had high-minded aspirations in my search for a better building system. My Yale architectural graduate thesis focused on low-cost, modular housing kit designs for Harlem, NY. While working on low-cost housing production in 1970’s Jamaica, I had firsthand experience of the technical issues involved with mass-producing hurricane & earthquake-resistant housing. (Anybody remember bagasse board? We used to make houses out of it!). The am‑cor Ferrocement System is competitive only because I developed it by applying a scientific, engineering based method of trial & error, and refinement through experimentation.

What I didn’t realize was how building with the System can affect individuals, bring them together, and create transformative, community experiences: it’s a “pure joy” moment, to witness a group of people stand back, look at what they’ve done together, and say:

Wow, we built that!”