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Sandcastles Vol. 1: The Early Years

In my youth, I was a pioneer of “extreme sandcastling”, a sport which was almost included in the Olympics! Just kidding. Here is the first set of ancient box camera photos from my sandcastle archives. These sandy structures were all made in our sandbox in Hinsdale, IL.

AWM Sandcastle Archives Label

my first blog post

Welcome to my Blog. I finally caught up with all you netnicks! I will be putting lots of stuff up in the near future on all sorts of topics.

In the meantime, here is a picture I drew in response to Buff Winston’s comment on this sand castle I did last year in Jamaica:

Wyman & sand palace

She said:

Absolutely brilliant. I think you should donate your brain to science or at least clone you! Wonderful, thanks!

Buff Winston

So I drew this cartoon…

The Angus Brain Gift to Science